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AZ Complete Health
United Health Care

At Optimal Health Medical Clinic Health, we accept most major insurance plans. They are listed below:

  1. ACPN - PPO
  2. Aliera - Advantage Discount Card
  3. Aliera - Direct Primary Care Med Home
  4. Aliera - GYN-Well Womens Serivces
  5. Aliera - Imnuization Health Pass and Plus Pla
  6. Aliera - Pediatric Services
  7. Aliera - Plus/Premium (PCP & UC)
  8. AmeriPlan Discount Card
  9. CorVel Auto
  10. CorVel PPO
  11. CorVel Workers Comp
  12. EverMed
  13. Fortified Auto
  14. Fortified PPO
  15. Fortified Workers Comp
  16. Galaxy Health Network PPO
  17. Galaxy Health Savings Card - Discount Card
  18. Galaxy Health Workers Comp
  19. Health Choice - AHCCCS
  20. Health Choice - Generations Medicare
  21. Health Smart Complete - PPO
  22. HealthSmart ACCEL
  23. HealthSmart Auto
  24. HealthSmart HPO
  25. HealthSmart PPO
  26. HealthSmart Workers Comp
  27. IHP Auto
  28. IHP Discount Card
  29. IHP PPO
  30. IHP Workers Comp
  31. Magellan AHCCCS
  32. Mulitplan Auto
  33. Mulitplan Medicare Advantage Plans
  34. Mulitplan PPO
  35. Mulitplan ValuePoint Discount Card
  36. Mulitplan Workers Comp
  37. Pime Health IME
  38. Pime Health Personal Injury Network
  39. Pime Health PPO, Auto, Workers Comp
  40. Pime Health Telemedicine Program for WC
  41. Provider Network of America AUTO
  42. Provider Network of America Primary PPO
  43. Provider Network of America Supplemental
  44. Provider Network of America Workers Comp
  45. Provider Select, Inc.
  46. Three Rivers Provider Network PPO
  47. Tricare Program
  48. UPMC
  49. USA Auto Medical
  50. USA Managed Care PPO
  51. USA Workers Comp
  52. Zelis Healthcare Auto
  53. Zelis Healthcare Meidcaid/AHCCCS
  54. Zelis Healthcare Medicare
  55. Zelis Healthcare Primar Plan PPO
  56. Zelis Healthcare Supplemental
  57. Zelis Healthcare Tricare
  58. Zelis Healthcare Workers Comp

Public Insurance Plans

  1. Medicare
  2. AHCCCS plan like
      Health Choice
      Mercy Care

Please contact your insurance company or you may call our office at (623) 910-3171 to find out if we accept your plan. If your insurance plan requires you to pay a co-payment, co-insurance, and/or a deductible, you will need to pay at the time of your visit. For your convenience, we currently accept cash and Zelle (to 623-910-3171). Coming soon: we will accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

If you have a question related to your bill or insurance, please contact our billing specialists at (623) 910-3171.

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