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Weight Loss Management Specialist

Lilian Laimo, APRN, FNP-BC -  - Advanced Practice Nurse

Optimal Health Medical Clinic

Lilian Laimo, APRN, FNP-BC

Advanced Practice Nurse located in Mesa, AZ

Researchers estimate that 71% of adults 20 and older are overweight. If you’ve tried various diets and exercise programs without any success, consider weight loss management. At Optimal Health Medical Clinic, Lilian Laimo, APRN, FNP-BC, and the team offer a variety of weight loss management services, including oral supplements, dietary counseling, and exercise guidance. To make an in-person or telemedicine appointment at the practice in Mesa, Arizona, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member today.

Weight Loss Management

What is weight loss management?

Weight loss management is a branch of preventive health care that diagnoses, treats, and prevents obesity. If you’re able to maintain a healthy weight, you can significantly lower the risk of potentially serious health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Weight loss management can also improve your mental health. When you have energy and are able to participate in your favorite activities, you’re less likely to experience feelings of depression or anxiety.

What does weight loss management involve?

Lilian and the team offer several types of weight loss management, including:

Oral supplements

Oral supplements make it easier to lose weight and keep it off. The type of supplement that will most benefit you depends on your age and health history. Some supplements help speed up your metabolism, while others suppress your appetite. 

Nutritional counseling

The foods and beverages that you eat and drink affect your weight, energy levels, and overall health. If you primarily eat fatty or salty foods, you may struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Lilian and the team can make meal and snack recommendations that align with a healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise guidance

If you want to successfully lose weight, it’s important to live an active lifestyle. Even if you aren’t comfortable going to the gym, there are a variety of easy, at-home exercises you can participate in to build muscle and burn fat. Lilian and the team can make recommendations that align with your age and current fitness levels.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Sometimes, diet, supplements, and exercise aren’t enough to achieve long-term weight loss. If this occurs, you might also need to adjust your sleep routine or take steps to manage stress and anxiety. 

Who can benefit from weight loss management?

Anyone who is overweight or struggling to maintain their ideal weight can benefit from weight loss management. Following an in-office physical exam, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your lifestyle and goals, Lilian and the team can develop a custom weight loss management plan that aligns with your needs.

If you want to lose weight, make a weight loss management appointment at Optimal Health Medical Clinic by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.